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Art as Therapy 

Art and creativity have a way of allowing your mind and body to relax and process experiences differently. 
In fact, there is science behind how all of this works.  Creativity actually creates new neuropathways within the brain.  For someone who deals with chronic pain/illness, this is really great news.  Because in some instances, while you're creating your brain isn't thinking about the pain.  It's processing, learning, and maybe even rewiring your mind away from symptoms.  It is positive biofeedback. This is where my journey with creativity began over 20 years ago. 

Below, you'll find some of my favorite processes that I find therapeutic. 
*Please know that I am not a doctor or a licensed therapist/art therapist.  I'm just sharing my experiences with you.  :) 

May they encourage and inspire you forwared. 

Graceful Muse Nest Video Clip C.jpg

Mixed -Media Goodness

I love this way of making!  The endless possibilities allow your soul to play and experiment while listening to the whispers of your soul.  
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There is an entire world of journaling.  There is no right or wrong way to do it.  However, there are definitely ways to journal that you will find the most therapeutic and helpful to your personal needs.  
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Creating with Beauty Image 2 - Melanie Fagan Art.jpg
BokehLavenderBee Landing C - Melanie Fagan.jpg


Photography as art therapy?  Yes!!  
Beauty is therapy and images are the language of the mind.  So, yes!  Feeding your mind and soul through the process of taking photographs and also using them in creative and beautiful ways... let's go! 
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Oh for the love of encaustics.  I find this medium very therapeutic.  I love the fragrance, the dance between heat or fire, the luminosity, and that one of God's little creatures makes this medium possible. 
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