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Bespoke Small & Creative Business Photography 

As an artist and creative, I advocate for small creative businesses.  I love to see them succeed and share their gifts and passions out into the world.  It is my passion to create bespoke photographs for creative businesses, brands, artists, and other creatives.   It is my honor and joy to offer this unique lifestyle version (hands-on, you in your element doing your thing) of photography for small businesses and creatives. Plus, I get to meet amazing people along the way and share their beautiful and often unknowingly inspirational stories.  This makes me truly happy.

what are your business photography needs?
lifestyle business 
artist's studio and creative work 
shop & office decor


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New Life Lavender and Cherry Farm - Melanie Fagan Art .jpg
Lavender Golden Bee - Melanie Fagan Art.jpg
NLLCF Body Wash.jpg
Lavender Farm Bench - Melanie Fagan Art.jpg
Lavender Lotion - New Life Lavender and Cherry Farm - Melanie Fagan Photography.jpg
Raquel Diaz 05 - (C) 2023 Melanie Fagan Photography - All Rights Reserved C.jpg
Bella Vita Pumpkins Lets Paint 05 - Melanie Fagan Photography.jpg
Tray of Golden Paint - Melanie Fagan Art.jpg
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