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Creating with Beauty Cover 2-Melanie Fagan Art.jpg

Do you wish to add a deeper meaning to your creative work, but you're just not quite sure how to go about it? 

  Come along with me as I share how to use photography, mixed media, and journaling to add deeper meaning to your art & creativity.  

Ok, I know some of you may think you're not a "real" artist or photographer, or you may only have a phone camera.   
The process I share in this class isn't about the perfect photograph or the perfect piece of art.  It is about tapping into the beauty that is present in your everyday life and allowing that to nurture and guide your creativity.  

There is freedom in creating from a well of personal meaning. Set aside your thoughts on your artistic skill level and camera gear.  
Creating with Beauty is sure to inspire and help you tap into a deeper meaning and understanding of creating that is meant just for you.




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