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What is your Artist's Personality

Hi!I'm Melanie. 

I believe creativity leads us on a path towards wholeness. 
For more than twenty years, I have allowed faith and creativity to fill my life with meaning and purpose beyond the hard.  

It is my joy and passion to help you create in ways that are meaningful and purposeful to you.  Because, when you embrace the artist within; you'll see that she is sacred, she is beautiful, and she is a force for beauty in her world.  
Who doesn't need more of that in their life right now?  

I've created a quiz to help you tap into and also nurture
your artistic personality.  The results include a
free printable guide to enlighten your creative path and allow you to actually play and create in the areas that are truly meant for you.  I can't wait to share all the fun and beauty inside!  




What is your Artistic Personality? 

Do wish for a little more clarity for your creativity?    

Have you ever wondered how to proceed in a way that is
meaningful and insightful towards your
intuition and creative desires?  

Below, is a quiz to help determine your key artistic personality.  

Once completed, you'll find resources and goodies to help guide you on the path of beauty, as well as peace and joy through creativity.  

Taking the quiz is just the beginning. you'll also have access to special resources to help guide your creativity with a little more clarity.  


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