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I'm so glad you're here.  I'm Melanie, a photographer, and mixed-media artistdoing my best to live this one precious life well (#survivor). 

I believe creativity leads us on a path toward wholeness. For more than twenty years, I have allowed faith and creativity to fillmy life with meaning, purpose, and beauty beyond the hard. 

During that time, I discovered how the process of creating offers peace and joy.   Under the right conditions, when you're creating and making, your mind, body, and soul are focused on that process.  Oftentimes, this allows pain and difficulties to fade away, if even for a moment.

I believe our creative path is a sacred one, a gift, an invitation to embrace something fundamental within.These experiences open our souls to honor and embrace the beauty in our lives and the creativity that is longing for discovery and expression.  It truly is a gift and a blessing to embrace these whispersand experience the healing and joy that they offer along the way.  

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Hello Friend & Welcome!

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