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Remembering Simple Joy & Beauty During Covid-19.

Hi there. Below you’ll find a few ideas on how we can share kindness and #sprinklejoy during this time. They are reminders of how we can nurture others and ourselves right now. We all need grace, beauty, and love. May we come out the other side of this with a deeper understanding of how important it is to love each other well and to take care of ourselves well too. 1) Show Some Love Choose someone to reach out to every day or every couple of days. Send them a card, call them, send a text, or send pictures from your favorite times together. Talk about the wonderful memories of the past and the ones you’re going to make in the future. 2) Pray Choose someone to pray for, someone who you know needs a little encouragement right now. Honestly, who doesn’t? Keep a journal of your prayers. Also, reach out to this person, just because. 3) Project Pick a task or a project you’d like to accomplish around your house that will make you happy. Something fun for your home or for yourself. Think – bubble bath, organize your art area, or something bringing you closer to a dream. 4) Nurtured by Nature Go for a walk if you can, even if it is just around your yard. Go with a new set of eyes. Look at the details in the flower petals, the veining in the leaves, or the bark of the trees. Notice the rocks, pinecones, or the dried weeds leftover from winter. 5) Daily Gratitude Start with writing down three blessings a day. Enter them in a journal or start a family tradition where everyone writes something they’re grateful for and then place them in a jar or a box. Open them up at Thanksgiving or when this pandemic situation has calmed down. 6) Feed Our Mind Well A) Spend time in God’s word. Look for scripture on how to deal with fear, God’s provisions, or on God’s love for us. Write them out on notecards or on cards you make for others. Keep a journal of the Word and how it spoke to your heart. B) Inspirational quotes. Keep a journal of your favorites or write them down and place them all over the house. 8) Music Play your favorites on repeat! I have certain songs I listen to depending on my mood. Tune into your mood and then play accordingly.

Stay safe and be well, my friends. <3


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