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What's your Artist's Personality? Embrace your Creativity with my Fun Quiz and Guide.

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Guess what! Does anyone else make things and then forget about some of the awesome things you've done? You too? I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Let's go back a few years. (Wow, how was 2020 already three years ago.)

Right before I went in for my second cancer diagnosis in 18 months and a unilateral mastectomy, I was busy creating a website and a place of encouragement, beauty, and hope for those of us with chronic illness and chronic pain.

As part of that journey, I created a very simple online quiz to help you tap into those parts of yourself that are creative and sacred. I have found that God will meet us in our creativity for our healing, nurturing, and for His glory. Here is the link or the link is also in my bio. After you take the quiz you'll also get a free printable guide with your results and some creative suggestions. If you'd like, come back here and share your results with us. This should be fun. 😉

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