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Where is Beauty? Printable

I'm creating a project that requires a workbook and guide. I can't wait to share more of it with you in the coming days. I'm waiting on a few items to arrive in the mail before I can fully share all of the details!

However, this is one page within the workbook. I quickly typed out the list and left for an appointment. When returned home and opened my computer - my heart skipped a beat, really. Then it was as if butterflies were stirring in the depths of my soul. I did not intentionally make this list look like a cross. That was all Him, my friends.

So to answer the big question, where is beauty? The serendipitous answer through graphic design is - it's in the cross and every single thing that represents. While my list is not by any means all-inclusive, my hope is that it helps you begin to see and embrace Beauty as a guiding force in your life. It changes everything.

God is in the details my friends, even the smallest parts of your creativity... how words just so happen to appear on a page. May the printout bless and encourage you this very sacred week of Easter.



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