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Let's Work Together...

I'm honored that you're interested in possibly working with me.  It is also my honor and privilege to work with you in ways that may help you live a more fulfilled life.  Whether that's in your art and creativity, in your business, or in dealing with the ins and outs of the chronic illness and chronic pain life.  My heart is to help you succeed in the things that lead you to a more purposeful and fulfilled life.  That my friend, is the most important gift that we can give ourselves. 
I also love gathering women for in-person gatherings and retreats.  There is nothing like coming together over a common interest and experiencing how that changes you.  I would love to work with you to create an event for your friends or clients.   

Melanie with Paintbrushes - Melanie Fagan Creative.jpg
Melanie with Paintbrushes - Melanie Fagan Creative.jpg

Creative Consulting 

Welcome to this little corner of my online 'studio'. 
Imagine us sitting down together with a cup of tea or coffee and chatting about all things art, creativity, or business. 

I'm so honored that you're here.  It is my passion and joy to help you embrace your creativity for a more beauty-filled life.   Creativity has changed my life and I want the same for you as you pursue your creative journey and dreams. 

I know how challenging it can be to discover your gifts, actually embrace them, and then allow them to inform your life and world in the most beautiful of ways that you could ever imagine.

This is why I am offering Creative Consulting, because more than anything I want you to live a life filled with what lights you up, brings you joy, and spills over into all other areas of your life.

Chronic Illness& Chronic Pain Mentoring 

 While most everything you find on this site is related to art, faith, and creativity, I would be remiss to not share the why of what you see here today within all of the pages, classes, and posts.  

You may have read that I have walked this path for over 25 yearsI understand the ins and outs of life with chronic pain, chronic illness, and #life...not only for myself but for others I love too.  With the Lord's help, I've taken my experiences and turned them into something for good, for hope, for joy.  While I do not make light of anything any one of us deals with, I point to faith, hope, peace, and Beauty beyond the hard.  

Lavender Farm Bench - Melanie Fagan Art.jpg
Lavender Sunset 02.jpg
Lavender Sunset 02.jpg

In-Person Gatherings & Events 

It is my joy to selectively choose beautiful locations and venues for creative gatherings.  There is so much more to art than just the making of art.  Don't get me wrong, making and creating can change your life.  Moreover, allowing your heart and soul to be inspired through beautiful experiences is also incredibly
I invite you into an experience that is meant to enlighten your senses and nurture your soul in the Beauty of presence and in the joy of the making.   

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