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Graceful Muse Nest

Here I am again, playing with the nest. It’s such a fun and inviting project. This time, I followed Renee’s teaching in her course Graceful Muse on Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network. There is an abundance of wonderful teaching included in this class. Seriously, head on over and check it out. Graceful Muse on Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network Renee Mueller Building the layers for the background I think was my favorite part. Combining and creating to get just the right shades of blues randomly throughout the piece was so much fun. I literally finger painted with acrylics, gesso, and pastels.

The pink is representative of love within the home, which was Renee’s inspiration. I just kind of gave it wings and had it weave and flow throughout the nest as my wish for my daughters as they spread their wings.

I created this on a 9″x12″ wooden panel with acrylics, pastels, and charcoal. I loved combining the pastels and the acrylics with my fingers. I found it very meditative and relaxing. Video Music – – A Day to Remember and A Piano Moment.


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