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Hi!  I'm Melanie!  Happy to meet you here! 

Hello and Welcome!  I’m so very honored that you’re here.  I want you to know that this website and all of my offerings are
created with you in mind.  

While I desire to express my love for beauty  and creativity,
my passion is for you to discover a fresh purpose
and deeper meaning to fill your days. 
Creativity for me has always been about hope and healing.  

This website is a place of inspiration and encouragement,
where beauty in all of its forms, I hope, fills your soul holes. 
It’s about embracing the process of creating in ways
that are meaningful and purposeful to you. 

After over two decades of walking this process out in one way or another, I now understand how sacred this way of making and living is.   

Are you ready to embrace the beauty God reveals to you and allow it to inform your soul of purpose and passion?  Are you ready to experience a little more peace and joy through creativity? 

Great!  Let's Go! 

Welcome to my Studio - Melanie and Leo with Coffee - Melanie Fagan Creative.jpg

Just for fun, a little more about me... 

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