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20 Things You Didn't Know

Here are twenty fun and random things you may not know about me. Do we have any in common?

1. I love the sound of waves crashing on the shore,

2. And fog horns out at sea.

3. I love the smell of the fresh Lake Superior air.

4. I love chocolate – with sea salt.

5. Flowers always make me happy, always.

6. I have two wonderful daughters.

7. One incredible and handsome hubby.

8. Three rescue cats run our home.

9. We love to RV #catscamptoo.

10. I enjoy cooking, but I have many limiting food allergies, so I am always looking for something new.

11. Coffee & Tea – Hot or Iced – (decaf) with coconut milk and maple syrup.

12. Once upon a time, I was a travel agent.

13. Classical music, the 80’s, and Contemporary Christian Music.

14. I met Mercy Me once!

15. Hummingbirds are the cutest. I was 27 years old when I saw one for the first time. Now every May, I am so excited for their return.

16. I collect heart-shaped rocks which started with one as a gift from hubby, a long time ago.

17. I also collect photographs,

18. and art supplies.

19. I love getting together with friends.

20. This creative life was an answer to prayer. Twenty years ago, I prayed for help in dealing with chronic pain and those answered prayers led me on an amazing journey of faith and creativity.


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