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Encouragement for Chronic Illness &Chronic Pain through Faith & Creativity ...

Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain Mentoring ~ Live a Beautiful Life Beyond the Hard

Hi there, friend.  I'm happy to meet here in this little corner of my website.  While most everything you find on this site is related to art, faith, and creativity, I would be remiss to not share the why of what you see here today within all of the pages, classes, and posts.  

You may have read that I have walked this path for over 25 yearsI understand the ins and outs of life with chronic pain, chronic illness, and #life...not only for myself but for others I love too.  With the Lord's help, I've taken my experiences and turned them into something for good, for hope, for joy.  While I do not make light of anything any one of us deals with, I point to faith, hope, peace, and Beauty beyond the hard.  

If you need a friend who can offer you insight and direction on how to best navigate this journey of life with chronic illness and chronic pain,
I have tons of reading material linked and posted below. 
Please take some time and browse the collections of material
curated to offer hope and peace beyond the hard. 

If you need a friend and guide who will also help you navigate ways in which to live your best life even with chronic illness and chronic pain, I'm here for you.  I'm available for personal mentoring sessions that will help you move through your days with more ease, purpose, and peace.   It would be my honor to come alongside you and help you navigate how to make the best of this one precious life, day by day, one moment at a time.  While I can't guarantee change and success, I will give you the best that I have to offer in guidance, wisdom, and encouragement.  Click the button below to reserve your session today.  I can't wait to meet with you. 

Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst


Once upon a time, a few years ago after the passing of my dad, I wrote a book.  Never in a million years would I have thought that I would self-publish a book.  

However, when creativity strikes in all of its various forms, it does one good to listen and follow the promptings. 

Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst is a series of testimonies where I share how God worked in the most beautiful ways in my life, through the hard.  I was just beginning to realize and articulate into words the connection between creativity, faith, healing, and coping. 

Below you will find my eBook version to download.  You may preview the first two sections of the book in the posts below.  You'll find a few excerpts from the book as well as other posts on this website that discuss chronic illness, faith, and creativity. 

May they encourage and bless you on your journey.  


"  Do you go through the trials of life still searching for beauty? Even amidst chronic illness, debilitating pain, and grief, Melanie Fagan insists there is still hope, healing, and peace. “What if I told you the noticing is as meaningful as air; that we’re constantly invited into a deeper communion with our Creator?"


Join Melanie as she takes you on a journey of faith where the Lord led her through some of the hardest circumstances
by transforming them into moments of grace and beauty.


Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst guides you through ten key steps using story, scripture, and prayer
that will spark your creative spirit in a solid Biblical way.


In each step, you may discover a calm peacefulness, and purpose within your soul; altering the way in which you cope
and honor God with your struggles and your gifts. 


Take the journey of claiming the Joy of the Lord as your strength and guide through whatever life brings your way.  " 

Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst BOOK TESTIMONIALS 

" A beautiful journey of channeling chronic illness, pain, and emotion into a renewed mind that brings forth wonderful and inspiring creations." 
                                                 - Michelle Stephens

"Having dealt with chronic illness for so long, I am always encouraged by those who have learned how to trust God and find joy in the midst of sorrow.  Melanie so eloquently speaks of finding this joy and beauty in spite of life's pains and troubles. Her transparency and vulnerability have encouraged my heart and my spirit to look for God's beauty in nature, other people, or in the creative gifts He has blessed me with, there is always beauty to be found." 
                                                                - Amazon Customer 

"After years of living with chronic illness, Melanie has learned the art of finding beauty in spite of her pain.  She encourages us to do the same.  Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst is a short read that will get you looking at your life in a whole new way."  
                                              - Alex

Below you'll find encouraging excerpts from the book... 

Additional Posts on Chronic Illness & Creativity...

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