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Are you feeling overwhelmed and lost now that chronic illness and/or chronic pain has come upon your life?  

Are you looking for ways to cope and help you make it through the day by day?  

Do you feel as if you're lost and that you now lack purpose?  

You may have read that I have walked this path for over 25 years. I understand the ins and outs of life with chronic pain, chronic illness, and #life...not only for myself but for others I love too.

With the Lord's help, I've taken my experiences and turned them into something for good, for hope, for joy. While I do not make light of anything any one of us deals with, I point to faith, hope, peace, and Beauty beyond the hard.


If you need a friend and guide who will also help you navigate ways in which to live your best life even with chronic illness and chronic pain, I'm here for you.
How This Works
Once you purchase your session you will receive an email with a link and printable download.  Follow the instructions on the printout to then book your session/sessions with me.  

Your session will be held over Zoom and I will email you a private link when we book your time slot.  

Once your time slot is scheduled, your session is non-refundable for no-shows.  However, I am open to rescheduling due to illness or unforeseen circumstances.  Please just send me an email or text to reschedule.  I ask for at least 24 hours' notice, 48 hours would be greatly appreciated.   

Refund Policy
While I can't guarantee change and success, I will give you the best that I have to offer in guidance, wisdom, and encouragement.  Since this process is based on the actions that you take and the changes put forth once I share guidance and knowledge with you,  your session is non-refundable.  

Non-Disclosure Agreement
By purchasing this consulting session you agree to the terms below. Any information you share with me remains within the confidentiality of our session and this agreement. I will not share your information or ideas with anyone else and I ask that you do the same. The guidance and insights I share with you are catered and meant for you and your personal story and situation. It is based on the information you share with me. I ask that you keep it between us and certainly not share it with others in any form of teaching, coaching, or guidance.

Seek Medical Direction of Your Doctor 
By purchasing this consulting session you agree to the terms below.

I am in no way a medical professional or doctor in any way.  I am sharing my experience and guidance for the things that have helped me.  Please seek medical care and advice from your doctor.  I am in no way replacing or contradicting medical advice. 

Live Your Best Life - Chronic Illness/Chronic Pain Mentoring Session -30 Minutes

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