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Hello Friend & Welcome.

I'm so glad you're here.  I'm Melanie, a photographer, and mixed-media artist
doing my best to live this one precious life well (#survivor). 

I believe creativity leads us on a path toward wholeness. 
For more than twenty years, I have allowed faith and creativity to fill
my life with meaning, purpose, and beauty beyond the hard. 

During that time, I discovered how the process of creating offers peace and joy.   
Under the right conditions, when you're creating and making, your mind, body, and soul are focused on that process.  Oftentimes, this allows pain and difficulties to fade away, if even for a moment. 

I believe our creative path is a sacred one, a gift, an invitation to embrace something fundamental within.
These experiences open our souls to honor and embrace the beauty in our lives and the creativity 
that is longing for discovery and expression.

Are you ready to invite a little more peace, beauty, & joy into your days?

It is my passion & joy to share this journey with you.  Let's go!   

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Transformational Creativity Experiences to Enrich your Life... 

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& your Home...

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A little about my creative process...

Photography is my first creative love language.
It inspires me and offers the most amazing experiences and moments, as well as subjects and stories.  
When I share my photographs, my hope is that it is an invitation for you to share in that experience with me. 
I want to you feel as if you are there in that moment
when the bee passes by the lavender.  

What if I, or we, could then do more with these experiences and images?  I found myself wanting to get my hands into paint and plaster, and color.  I love the softness of pastels and the fragrance of encaustic medium literally relaxes me. 
For this reason, I love mixed media art.  
It opens the doors to the use of various mediums inviting intuition, and the use of my photographs,
to influence my creativity. 

I also incorporate both into my sacred & soulful journaling.
It is where I spend time renewing my mind, praising, praying, and playing with art supplies.  My journals are filled with more than words, pictures, and art supplies. They also hold the precious gift of the time I spend within their pages,
as well as the healing and growth they nurture.    

It is because of this merging process that I've found more purpose and meaning in my creativity.  One feeds the other and they honestly have transformed my life and infused it with more faith, more passion, more joy, and more beauty.  

The Beauty of a Country Evening Sky & Self-Care - Melanie Fagan Art
The Beauty of a Country Evening Sky & Self-Care - Melanie Fagan Art

Country Evening Sky - Melanie Fagan Art

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Grace - Whimsical Girl - Melanie Fagan Art
Grace - Whimsical Girl - Melanie Fagan Art

Pencil & Charcoal Sketch of Grace - A Whimsical Girl - Melanie Fagan Art

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Nest of Rest - Melanie Fagan Art
Nest of Rest - Melanie Fagan Art

When chronic pain and creativity collide - My Nest of Rest - Melanie Fagan Art

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The Beauty of a Country Evening Sky & Self-Care - Melanie Fagan Art
The Beauty of a Country Evening Sky & Self-Care - Melanie Fagan Art

Country Evening Sky - Melanie Fagan Art

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The store is OPEN and ready to infuse beauty & joy into your creativity & world.  

Every product and detail is thoughtfully curated to add beauty, joy, and peace to your sacred spaces.  

Whether that's in your art journals, or adorning the walls of your home and studio, I'm sure you'll find something
just for you or someone special in your life.

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