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Embracing Beauty in the Everyday... 

live a more meaningful life beyond the hard through faith & creativity 

Creative Experiences for Peace, Renewal, Healing, & Joy 

online creative classes & workshops to help deepen your faith and create with mixed-media art, photography, & journaling.

Beauty Journaling Class & Community Invite
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Hello Friend
& Welcome!

I'm Melanie, a mixed-media artist and photographer doing my best to live this one precious life well. #survivor

I've spent over 25 years combining faith and creativity in beautiful soul-honoring ways that invite peace, healing, and joy.  It is my joy and passion to share this life-changing creative journey with you.  

Through all of the offerings on this website, I hope that you too will experience peace, joy, and fun while spreading your artist's wings and growing closer to Jesus.  Come on in and join the fun! 

Here's What New, Creative,& Beautiful - Join Me... 


Mini-Pop-Up  Shop 

Images & Downloads for your art & journals!

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