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Journal Wallpaper 

I have countless images that I find beautiful.  One way I have enjoyed using them is by turning them into what I call Journal Wallpaper.  They are photographs that tend to have an atmospheric or ethereal quality about them.  Sometimes I like to think of them as watercolor painting but with my camera.  When the conditions are just right, there is Beauty to behold through the lens.  I want to share those images with you.  I invite you to use them as a place to hold beautiful and souldful words, prayers, or as a touch of beauty in your journaling and collage work.  Most of all have fun and enjoy.  

* Note these items are for personal noncommercial use. I, Melanie Fagan retain all the rights to these images.*
You may not create anything to sell with them in any fashion.  You may use them on your social media (personal or business),
I just ask that you please tag me so that I can also see your work.  
Contact me for commercial licensing via email : 

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