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Imagine taking photographs that speak to your soul and express the Beauty and joy that you experience in these sacred, precious moments.

What would it feel like to embrace this Beauty and allow it to nurture your soul and help you navigate through the hard (#life)?

Would you like to deepen your faith and invite God into more of your day-to-day? 

What about in your creativity and the way you bless and share Beauty with others? 


I'm happy to share Embracing Beauty - An Introduction to Prayerfully Meditative Photography.  It is a piece of my heart, a piece of my soul that I am releasing out into the world, hoping and praying that the inspiration within blesses your life in the ways it has mine.  

What's Inside:  
52 Pages of Inspiration, Beautiful Images, Worksheets, Prompt Cards, Journal Cards, Beauty Viewfinders, and Guidance.  


Meditation Exercises to deepen your faith and bless your life. 
Photography Basics and Tips that will strengthen your confidence in taking photos that are authentically yours.  You'll learn about camera settings outside of manual mode for DSLR cameras or with any camera you use, including your phone camera.  
Journaling Suggestions to help you embrace your experiences in beautiful, soul-honoring ways that are meaningful to you.  
This is a digital product, no physical items will be sent to you.
Printing Details - You will need a PDF reader (such as Adobe) to download and print.  There are workbook pages, prompt cards, and journal cards included in the book that you will want to print out. 

*** When printing make sure you click the setting Shrink Oversized Pages so that the pages format properly to your printer. 

***  Print pages 40-49 on cardstock or watercolor paper for durability.  


For personal use only.  Melanie Fagan retains all copyright to these images.

Due to the nature of digital products, this item is non-refundable.  If for some reason you have a problem with any purchase, please feel free to contact me


Thank you for supporting my small business. :) 

Embracing Beauty -Drawing Closer to God through the Art of Photography

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