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Art & Antiquing Video 001 - Let's Have Some Fun!

I had a super fun idea today. After a trip to the thrift store, I realized how fun it would be to share the process with you. Since I'm just getting started, this is my FIRST video out into the world. Originally, I was only going to share it with my Facebook group, after all, it was very impromptu. However, this is me on any given day in a comfy hoody, so I thought I'd just put it out there.

As for my Art & Antiquing Series, I'm excited to see what goodies we'll find and how it will inspire you to make YOUR art with found treasures.

I could not resist this mini cat plate!

Be on the lookout for my next video in the series! I'm not sure yet if I will share a process video or take you on a treasure hunt with me. :) Subscribe below so you don't miss it and for special offerings, updates, and inspiration to your inbox! This blog post is part of a series. To see more of my adventures click here!


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