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Beauty Journaling and How it Helps You on the Hard Days...

I have notes written all over the place - words scattered across my worktable, thoughts to return to when my hands aren't busy with scissors, photographs, or paint. I looked up for a second as I was cutting a photo to size and saw the words around a piece of paper but not together, and then the thought came to me - Beauty Journaling.

I have been doing it all these years, but I didn't have a name for it. It's not scrapbooking or junk journaling. It's not a planning journal or even a place to spill every detail of my life. I can say with certainty that it is where I gather the beauty I see and experience through photography, creativity, and faith. It is where ideas develop, prayers and praise are written, creativity is fun and freely expressed, thoughts are documented, soulful words are written across the papers, and my photos have a home outside of a screen or hard drive. It is where I spend time with God and lean into the creativity He has planted within my soul. Yay!!

Beauty Journaling isn't a specific size or type of journal either - it is the intentionality of the content and the process that makes it so. Beauty isn't necessarily in the end project or outcome. Yes, that's certainly a possible bonus. The Beauty is in honoring and trusting God with #life in all of its good and hard and allow the process to draw you near to Jesus and His love for you. In this process, your heart is touched by Glory and your mind is renewed in truth. You can sign up for the FREE CLASS by clicking here! The class also has a printable kit that you can purchase to use with the class. Use my images and kit or use your own. Once you sign up, all future videos that I create with this particular journal will be FREE for my online community right here on We have a private group and everything! See you on the inside! :)


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