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Embracing Beauty Workbook & Guide-Drawing Closer to God through the Art of Photography

Imagine taking photographs that speak to your soul and express the Beauty and joy that you experience in these sacred, precious moments. What would it feel like to embrace this Beauty and allow it to nurture your soul and help you navigate through the hard (#life)? Would you like to deepen your faith and invite God into more of your day-to-day? What about in your creativity and the way you bless and share Beauty with others? 

If you take a look around my website you will see that photography is my first creative love language. It is how I add beauty and joy to my days beyond the hard. As we journey into 2024, it is my honor to share some of my deepest and most personal beliefs on this form of photography. I would love for you to experience similar outcomes by allowing your faith to inform your creativity as you compose photographs that are meaningful and soul-nurturing for you, first and foremost.

Earlier this year, I began creating an online class Embracing Beauty - Drawing Closer to God through the Art of Photography.  I soon realized that I wanted to create a workbook and guide that you could access and use easily no matter where you are and not need a device to watch, but a book to show you the way.  It is a piece of my heart, a piece of my soul that I am releasing out into the world, hoping and praying that the inspiration within blesses your life in the ways it has mine.  

The processes I share are personal and they are ultimately between you, God, and the Beauty He shares with you.  They offer healing, solace, joy, and wonder.  Living life from this perspective has filled my days with beauty, joy, and peace beyond the hard.  It also has helped me embrace other forms of creativity I didn't realize I would enjoy such as writing and art, which are fun bonuses. 

In the workbook, you have everything you need to begin Embracing Beauty in the same way including helpful worksheets, prompt cards, viewfinders, and checklists. Whether you have a DSLR camera or use your Smartphone, you will gain confidence in how you see and take meaningful and soulful photographs.  I pray that the book blesses and encourages your walk with the Lord as well as share the joy that is photography. 

To learn more and see additional Sneak Peek pages from inside the book just click below.


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