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The Art of Beauty 

photography to inspire...

Images are the language of our minds. They offer a multitude of expression and emotions for the creator as well as each viewer.  My love of photography started in high school and then was put on hold for close to 24 years!  Don't get me wrong, I've always loved taking photographs.  However, after my dad's passing, the art of it, the art of seeing Beauty and being able to capture it impressed my soul in ways I'm still embracing and experiencing to this day.  Below you'll find some of the ways I LOVE to use my camera, inspire, encourage, and embrace the art of Beauty.  

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Art & Creativity 

I absolutely love using my photographs to inspire other works of art.  Whether I use them in my journals or in mixed media pieces, creating with them allows me to experience them once again and on different levels.  It is here that I find additional joy, peace, and even healing through the process.  


I'm a natural light photographer creating portrait experiences that are less stressful and more relaxing for each person in front of the camera.  From our first conversation to your gallery delivery, we are working together to fulfill your hopes for a pleasant experience and beautiful photographs that are timeless. 

It is my joy and honor that you invite me into a portion of your story and allow me to capture and express it in a way that is authentically yours. 

I choose to have limited portrait sessions so that I'm able to give you 100% of my attention, expertise, and creativity. 


I have a heart for small businesses.  I understand all of the soul-searching and hard work that goes into creating a business (in essence creating something from nothing) and the life of your dreams to go with it. 

I truly enjoy working with small business owners to properly capture and portray all of their hard work in the most beautiful and authentic ways. 


Healing & Joy

It would be remiss of me not to share this part of my photography story.  For me, having my camera in hand is almost as if it's my sword of faith.  Seeking and capturing beauty feeds my soul and grounds my purpose.  It washes away the hard, and the ugly as it invites purpose, passion, and beauty to the forefront of my mind.  It is a way for me to renew my mind and stay focused on what is important.  

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