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My Photography Journey 

Being creative is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.  
It nurtures our soul and gives us purpose. 

For me, picking up a camera is like opening a window of opportunity within my soul.  
There are all sorts of beautiful magical things out there in the world awaiting our discovery. 

For years now, I have allowed it to guide, nurture, and heal me. 
I am never more in tune and acquainted with myself as I am when I am out embracing beauty.   It’s in these moments of solace that I tend to find my natural rhythm - with my camera, with the beauty of life, with nature, with whatever my subject might be, through the viewfinder. 

I love the dance between color and light and adjusting the settings and lenses on my camera. When I choose a lens, it’s like picking a paintbrush.  When I change the setting in manual mode, it’s just a matter of adding more or less color, light, contrast, or blur.  

It is my joy to share this passion with you through my art, my photographs, and my classes. 


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