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Make a Wish & add more Beauty and Joy to your Days!

Hi there. Leo and I wanted to pop on and say hello. I hope the New Year is treating you well. I also hope that you're easing into 2023 with a good amount of self-kindness and self-care. (I believe cat therapy is a form of self-care too.) For me, it was as if a switch flipped about a week in and I have been more intentional with listening to what my mind, body, and soul really need. We've all had some rough patches over the past three years at least, if not longer (it's been more like five for me). This brings me to the purpose of this post. ;)

If you're here that means you already know a little bit of what I love to share…Beauty… in it's many forms. I feel that seeking and experiencing beauty is a not only a gift, but an invitation. An invitation to embrace and discover all the ways God loves and cares for us as well as new things about ourselves that we maybe didn't know. Or they've been buried or put on hold (guilty) due to many reasons…motherhood, chronic illness, being a caregiver, life, etc. I believe creativity combined with faith will shape and nourish us into who God has for us to be. I go about creativity, not as an end project that needs to be perfect; but as a process that can offer peace, joy, wholeness, and even healing. Ok, photographs, I have a thing for making photographs my kind of perfect, if I'm being honest. But all forms of creativity including photography are so nourishing and healing under the right circumstances. So here is my exciting and awesome news… I am finally at a point in my journey and healing (from the last five years), where I can move forward with my unrelenting passion to help you experience more beauty and joy in your days beyond the hard. I have lived this; I know these things to be true.

Imagine what your days could feel like if you were able to add just a little more beauty to them; if you were able to find peace in the midst of the hard. What if you found something you loved doing that was creative in nature? What if your focus wasn't just making it through another hard day, but you had glimpses of beauty and purpose to nurture you as part of your self-care? What if creativity was the one thing you've been missing all these years? _____________________________________________ Imagine how it would feel to discover and embrace a part of yourself that God created just for you and Him? That invitation I was telling you about earlier, it will change you.


This next part is really fun! :) If you could make a wish or would love to know more in regard to anything: Creative Art Photography Journaling Watercolors Painting Pastels Collage Mixed Media Etc… Helpful ways to cope with chronic illness Adding more of your faith to your creativity …what would those wishes be? Reply to this post and ask me anything. Here are a couple of examples: I have always wanted to try ____________, but I don't know where to begin. I would LOVE to be able to _____________________. How do I _________________? I am bedbound and would love to create. If I could try anything that I find interesting it would be______________________. I'm here to help guide you on a path of adding more beauty, peace, and joy to your days through faith and creativity. It is my passion and joy and I can't wait to begin sharing all of this goodness with you. I'm looking forward to your reply! :) Talk soon! Melanie


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