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My Top 11 Ways to Nurture Yourself & The Artist Within

Creativity comes from a place of wonder and inspiration. I believe we also have a quiet and deep desire for purpose and beauty in our daily lives. None of this can be forced. It must be nurtured - creativity, purpose, beauty, you, and the artist within. When I speak of nurturing, I’m referring to the ways you invite peace, joy, calm, relaxation, and inspiration, (just to name a few) into your presence. In order for your creativity to come from that authentic place within, you need to allow yourself the grace in which you are able to experience and nurture that creative soul discerning her way to the forefront of your being. This is important because if you don’t, then you struggle with feelings of inadequacy and perfectionism. Those two are going to show up no matter what. However, what I want more than anything is for that part of your journey to be the least of your focus right now. Taking care of you and supporting the artist within is a sacred calling. It’s one we’ve all been given in one way or another. Beautiful things begin to happen when you follow the wonder and inspiration. To continue reading, download your free guide below.


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