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My Work was Published in Somerset Magazine's August - October 2023 Issue!

What's New with me? Well...

My work was PUBLISHED!!

It just goes to show, you never know until you try! Back in March, I submitted a concertina journal that I created to Somerset Studios. In August, I had to run to Joann Fabrics for a few items and since I hadn't heard from the magazine I figured I wasn't published. However, I was excited to see if either of my friends who submitted were published.

To my absolute surprise, in the middle of the Joann checkout line, I saw my images on the pages of the magazine! I kind of Eeekked out! Click the image to purchase your digital copy today!

Since taking the photos above, I have discovered two other places within this issue where they used my art and photography. One of which is a pull-out journal page for you to create on! How cool is that?! I'm doing a Facebook Live this Friday, October 6th @ 12:30 pm Central. In this live, I will be sharing my journal that I just received back today as well as other images from the magazine. More on the FB Live below! I will also share tips on what I did that may have helped me get published.


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