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The Beauty of Solitude

A couple of weeks ago I set out to find flowers to photograph. It was my first outing of the year and I had high hopes. I even left the house by 6:30a to get the beautiful morning light. When I arrived at my destination there was one flower in the entire park. At first, I was disappointed because I love my flowers. But then I realized there was so much beauty to take in besides the flowers. I sat and listened to the birds, took in the sounds and scenery of the small lake, and then photographed that one flower, a purple iris. Yesterday, I was looking at the photo on my screen and thought to myself, maybe I have lost my touch, maybe I need to hang up the camera, etc. Really ridiculous thinking, I know. But that is what procrastination and resistance try to get us to believe. On a whim, I decided to print the photos out... and then I fell in love with the art of photography all over again. There is something so amazing to me about holding a photograph in your hand. Maybe it is the digital age we live in. Maybe it's because I have forever wanted to make art with my photographs. I want to get them off the hard drives, print them, share them, and also use my hands to create art with and from them.

I am happy to say that my 6:30a venture out into nature with my camera in tow was the best thing I could have done for feeding my creativity. It was just me, my camera, the birds, God, and Iris. Thinking about the solitude of my experience that morning, how peaceful it was, and then only finding one flower to photograph, the simplicity of it all fills my soul. Do you need a little jolt of beauty? Grab your camera or your phone, find nature, and take a few pictures. Next, pay attention to what your other senses are telling you about the experience. Have fun! I'd love to hear about your moments of solitude and beauty in nature. Comment below and also come share your experiences in my creativity group on Facebook.


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