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My Word for the Year - Intentional

My word for the year, Intentional. In my Word for the Year download, one of my suggestions was aligning your word with an image. I chose this image for a few reasons.

1) I had these beautiful mittens from my daughter that someone hand knitted. The time and love that went into making them is inspiring. I want to hold that kind of intention with my creativity so that it will encourage and inspire myself as well as others.

2) To set the stage for this image I needed help. I could not take the photo of my hands in mittens holding a heart shaped 'snowball'. It was during that gorgeous snow we had a few weeks back where it looked as if I lived in a snowglobe. I want to always remember that afternoon when all of my family went out for a walk in the beauty of it all. ....and then hubby and I had a minor snowball fight. I want to be intentional with my time making and creating simple but fun and wonderful memories.

3) The warmth and softness of the gloves, I want to live this year in comfort and softness. The past few years have been anything but comfortable to me. I want to be intentional with allowing that space and comfort back in. It's become a habit to just accept uncomfortable.

4) Then there is the cold, wet, heavy, and yet beautiful snow. Even the coldest and most harsh of situations - there is always beauty because there is always God. I want to be intentional and purposeful in pusuit of Him, always.

5) I want to be intentional with my favorite medium - my camera. We are on day four of the New Year. I think I have images of intentionality for two of the four days.

I am also being intentional with my expectations. If I only have a reminder image for one day a week or the month, it doesn't matter. The peace and growth come in the process and taking the time to think and journal... that is where He meets us too, in the pause. Doing something like this is just one way that God will use the process to help take our minds off of difficulties , if even for just a moment, for something nurturing and healing.

If you'd like to share, please hop into my Facebook Group. We'd love to meet you and share the journey with you.

Talk soon, Melanie


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