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Sunset in the Garden Encaustic Necklace

As you can probably tell when you browse this site, this is one of my favorite images. One evening, after a beautiful family meal with friends that became family, I headed out into their garden with my camera. I distinctly remember my breath being taken away as I saw that amazing light from the sun setting behind the vintage windows. As I walked closer to get a good view, I could not believe the beauty I was witnessing.

Not only was the evening beautiful - but as I took this image I began to realize the purpose of my camera. It's not just to take photographs or to create pretty images. Yes, these are great, and on one level that is exactly what I do. However, its purpose is to share beauty and joy as well as peace and hope through photographs and creativity.

I love encaustic medium and I enjoy combining it with my photographs. I had this idea to create these sweet little necklaces with this image, encaustic medium, and an antique bronze chain and bezel (what the image is sitting in).

I'm so excited to share that I have a limited quantity available in my shop. Click the link below for all the details. :)


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