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If Winter Had a Flower...

Do you have photos that you love, ones that you when you snapped the shutter you just knew it created something magical? The magic being just for yourself and that is really all that matters; if someone else likes the photo that is a wonderfully blessed bonus.

What then to do with these little gems? Yes, by all means print them! Do you print them, do you get them outside of the digital world? If you take anything away from this post, please print them.

Besides printing them, for me I longed to spend more time creating with my photographs. I wanted those moments of beauty to spill over into other areas of my creativity. I wanted to use the images and create something with my hands as well.

I have spent the past IDK - maybe three years discovering various ways to print my photographs in the most beautiful ways and I know I'm only just beginning.

By spending time creating with and creating from our photographs, it allows us to become more in tune with our inner Guide. Whether you're creating art with paint, pens, pencils, or your journaling your heart out with words to match the beauty and soul of that orginal moment, I encourage you to spend more time with you photos beyond when you initially pressed the shutter.

This little whimsical series of play and pure exploration answered a fun little creative question for me - if winter had a flower what would it look like? My favorite is this image. The watercolor flower looks so fluffy and ready to spill gold dust everywhere. Most winters we all need a little cheerful gold dust don't we? I'm in the process of encasing this in encaustic. I'll let you know how it turns out.

The last image was a fun mixed-media piece with encaustic, plaster, watercolors, found words (inspired by @ella_and_rubys), vintage Bible pages (gifted to me by @theresa_kay_create ) and making three rusted nails with paint. I guess I'm impatient. 🤣 When the light hits the piece just right you can see it glow through the watercolor paper. Everything is a learning experience; an experiment and I am LOVING that part of the creative process.


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