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The One About Making Time for Creativity...

I often have people share with me that they just don't have the time to create. They would like to, but for various reasons, the time to create is limited. #1 - Make it Easy & Accessible - Have items together and ready to go. Whenever you see a moment in your day ahead or the next day, make sure to have a few things set up and in place… inviting you to come and play. #2 - Create Visual Inspiration - Have images of what inspires you out in front of your eyes. Printed. Up on an inspiration board. Stick them to your wall. Put mini collages next to the kitchen sink so that you see them while doing your other daily demands. Having these items in the actual physical world and off of a screen makes all of the difference for creativity to become a reality.

#3 - Limiting Beliefs - We all have them in one way or another. I've learned quite a bit about these pesky little thought processes over the past couple of years. To be candid, if we think we never have the time to create, then we won't. If we can begin to think a little differently about our creativity, new thoughts such as : I need to make time for this part of myself, for my soul. I need to create for healing and joy. I need to create because I would hate to get to the end of my life and realize I didn't use up every bit of the goodness God has given me. (Harsh but true. Cancer twice in 18 months quickly puts it all into perspective. Don't wait. ) I want to honor God with my creativity,

I want it to be more of a form of prayer and worship. I am worthy of this time for myself, I really am.

We have a Facebook Live on Friday!! Now's your chance to send me questions, thoughts, and suggestions on the things you'd like me to share.

Would you like to discuss cameras? Photography? Art making? Specific mediums you'd like me to demonstrate? Did I mention I've spent years collecting supplies, photos, and camera gear? ;)

You can always reach me by email with any questions, comments, or suggestions. I'm always here to help you discover, create, and flourish in your authenticity and joy as an artist.

Why is this so important?

I believe our creative path is a sacred one, a gift, an invitation to embrace something fundamental within. Creativity opens our souls to honor and delight in the art that is longing for discovery and expression. It truly is a gift and a blessing to cultivate these whispers and experience the healing and joy that they offer along the way.

I'd love to know... Did you find today's email insightful or encouraging in some way? Do you have any questions or thoughts? I'd love to hear. GOT QUESTIONS? WANT TO SAY HELLO? Send me an Email... REPLY HERE…


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