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Encaustic Leaf Dipping for Decorations & Intro into Encaustic Medium

Last year while camping on Lake Superior in mid-October, I collected and pressed a few gorgeous maple leaves. Once home, I decided to dip them in encaustic medium to see how they would hold their color over time. I'm happy to say that when I brought them out at the beginning of October this year, they looked just as beautiful as they did last fall. Well, this made me want to collect more leaves and create a garland or other fall and Thanksgiving decorations. Here is a quick little video where I share a basic encaustic setup that also works well for this project. Know that you could do this with just the beeswax, but that the resin acts as a mild hardener and also increases the melting or softening point of the wax. So if for example, you want to display these in your window where the sunlight hits them, you'll want to use encaustic instead of just the beeswax. Have fun!!

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