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Moose Deserves an Opportunity. How About You?

{October 2016}

A handsome fluffy orange fellow by the name of Moose holds my heart captive. He’s a rescue and has lived the last seven of his eight years elsewhere. He is such a love, really; a big teddy bear most of the time.

There are moments that the unknowns of his past surface as he becomes quite grumbly for no apparent reason. He’s quite the talker, his languages of choice are purring, growling, and/or hissing. The warnings of his displeasure often end up with him in a kitty time out.

One afternoon a few weeks ago, I decided that instead of isolation he needs the opportunity for greatness. As his owner, I need to allow him the chance to work through his unhappiness in a healthy and rewarding way. Since practicing these moments of peace-loving growth he’s learning to relax and trust us a little more each day. In doing so our relationship flourishes.

What if God does this with us? The opportunities for greatness are constant, aren’t they? Grace is always unfolding, allowing us to trust and grow in His love and care. How are you allowing yourself some time-outs today so that Jesus can take your heart captive?

{July 2020} This post was originally published in October of 2016. Reading it once again made me smile. What a great reminder of how far we can go with just some patience and love. I am happy to say that Moose has FLOURISHED in his domesticated life. He is a momma’s boy, SO loving, and so happy.

{Updated April 2023} My sweet, sweet boy crossed the rainbow bridge last July. I hardly shared it because it was and still is so heartbreaking. While he lived for fourteen years, it will never be enough. He was my soul buddy, really. He was my best pal during all of my surgeries and cancer recovery. I miss him so much every day still. He was also a HUGE part of my creative practice as you can see in the image above. He loved to lie on my art table and keep me company. In the past week, I discovered this photo of him as well as his cameo appearance in my first welcome video for this website. Seeing him after all of these months, makes me smile more and tear up just a little less. It was an honor to love him.


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