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I'm Hosting an Embracing Beauty Fall Photography & Art Challenge & Workshop - Join the Fun!!

There is something nostalgic about leaning into this season of change. The beautiful earth tones almost everywhere you look, I think it subconsciously grounds us as humans. It's a metaphor for life condensed into a few short months every year. Embrace the beauty of the moment, live it, honor it, and enjoy it. One way that I LOVE to do this is through photography, art, and journaling. I'm excited to invite you along on my journey this fall of Embracing Beauty in the Everyday through these creative endeavors.

Here are the details: All you have to do is sign up and subscribe below.

From October 5th - November 3rd, 2023, I will send exclusive emails and host weekly Embracing Beauty Creative Sessions on FB Live. Once signed up you'll receive: Your printable download with challenge prompts. (If needed or use your own). An invite link to my Facebook Community where I will host weekly LIVE Embracing Beauty Creative Sessions. You're also then subscribed to the challenge's exclusive emails that will help you discover, create, and flourish in your authenticity and joy as an artist and/or photographer. { Side Note - Photography is art too. At least the way I see it. ;) }

Why am I doing this you may ask? Well, I want to build a community of creative souls (ps- we all are creative souls in one way or another) that want to Embrace Beauty in their day-to-day and invite it to inform their art, creativity, life. What I have discovered over the course of my life's seasons of ups and downs is that honoring this Beauty shapes your life into something only God can. You see, the Beauty is actually God in your midst, it is Jesus calling. I promise you, leaning into and honoring the beauty in your midst is where you find peace and hope. Expressing these moments creatively is healing.

Below is my list of challenge prompts. As I stated above, you may use these or they may inspire you to create something

on your own. Click the image to download the printable version and join in the fun! See you on the inside! :)


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