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The Why Behind My Journal & Prayer Cards - May it Encourage Your Creative Journey

{FREE DOWNLOAD EXPRESS PASS :) - CLICK HERE}} I'm creating a series of prayer and journal cards. As a lot of you know, I love taking and sharing photographs. I realized something a few weeks ago when talking with friends... (that is how things happen you know, just talk with your friends). They help you to see things you may otherwise miss, sometimes without saying a word, but just by listening. Thank you to my beautiful friends!! <3

Angels Among Us

Ok - anyways, back to photography - what I realized was that in the back of my mind, I knew my images (and my art) have a purpose beyond sitting on hard drives or not being shared. I want them to inspire you towards Beauty. Towards faith, hope, and the love of Jesus. This is how I have made it through so much stuff and by the grace of God, I will continue to do so.

By Embracing the Beauty of small moments, the gifts, the blessings, the creativity, and allowing them to inform the tapestry of my life in the smallest of ways... well, this is the journey I am on. Praise God!!

This is where you come in... I have SO MANY images - like tens of thousands over the past ten years! Not everyone is a work of art or has the feel that I LOVE to share. However, the ones that do - I need to release out into the world. I have plans for them, big plans. Things of Beauty, of Jesus, of creativity. May they encourage your faith journey as well as your creativity. Download your FREE download by clicking on the image below.


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