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There is a special kind of beauty that enfolds when layering encaustic medium with meaningful photographs. I've had this little beauty of a necklace in mind now for some time and it is my delight to finally share it with you.  

Antique Bronze Bezel - 2"x 1" 
Antique Bronze Chain - 30" total length

My Sunset in the Garden photography encased in clear encaustic medium giving the image a warm and luminous glow that showcases the beautiful sunset lighting.  

Sometimes encaustic medium will "bloom", meaning that it can become a little foggy.  Over time this should dissipate.   However, all you need to do to buff your necklace is gently rub it with a soft cloth.  It should shine right up to an almost glass-like finish.   

Special Care:  
Since this is encaustic medium (made from beeswax and a resin that hardens the beeswax), I would advise special caution when wearing it in high heat situations.  It should be fine, but, be sure to not leave it in a hot car or in direct sunlight for any length of time.  


Encaustic Necklace - Sunset in the Garden

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