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In this mini-class, I will share how I make a simple, yet inviting journal.  You will then use some of the pages within the printable kit as well as your own to create a journal that will bless and encourage you every time you use it.

The purpose of this mini-class and journal kit is for you to have a beautiful place to gather your sentiments of peace and beauty and how God reveals those things to you.  When completed you will have a collection of inspiration to either continue filling in this journal as well as inspiration for other journaling exercises and artwork.   

By the end of the class, you will have a way to incorporate more faith and beauty into your art, creativity, and life ways that are meaningful to you.  

One Mini-Class Video 

18 Page PDF Printable Download Including:  
Lavender Pictures & Journal Fodder 
1 Full Sheet with Color Palette & Scripture | Mini-Washi Strips | Quotes | Butterflies
Scripture Page on Peace 
Scripture Study Guide on Peace 
Journal Cover Page 
Table of Contents | Page Labels | Prompts 
Bookplate with Intention & Prayer (Script & Print)
6-Full Size (8.5"x11") Vintage Pages 
2-Large Lavender Images for Journal Fodder, Collage, or as a Journal Page
1 Page with 6 Decorative Lavender Images 
1 Page with 3 Foldable Pocket Images 
1 Sheet with 5 Library Cards  on Peace with Lavender Background
1 Full Sheet of a Lavender Image for Washi Tape 
1 Free Kit Page 

Facebook Group 

Other Details

No items are shipped to you with this product. This is a digital product.  You will need to be able to print a PDF file from your device of choice to print the kit pages.  


In the Presence of Peace Mini-Class

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