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Welcome to my Collections page. 
Here you'll find various works of original art, photography, and other products that were created around a common theme.  I also share a link to the story or the reason behind the collection.  May you find encouragement for yourself as well as beauty and joy for your home, your art & creativity, and your studio.  


Windows & Wildflowers 

Wild wildflowers Banner - Melanie Fagan Art_edited.jpg

Windows & Wildflowers is a beautiful collection of bittersweet memories as well as encouragement to truly embrace the creativity within...  Read more about how this collection came to be...

Lavender Dreams Collection 

Lavender Fields Collection Header Image - Melanie Fagan Art .jpg

Lavender Dreams is a gorgeous collection of peaceful and soul-stirring moments of Beauty that take your breath away only to make you feel as if you're breathing in the heavenly scent of lavender.  Read more about how this collection came to be...

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