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The Gift - April 12, 2022

Today I had a moment of pure...grace. Yes, grace, I think that is what I will call it. I was a tad emotional. Motherhood in all of its beautiful transitions. New opportunities, excitement, change...all are very good things. One thing I find myself always turning to when I am say... overwhelmed or emotional is my camera. As I've said before elsewhere on this blog, I am never more intune with myself than when I have my camera in hand. I decided to have a little moment of solace for my soul this afternoon. Threw on my indoor lens and went on a very brief hunt for something, anything in my day-to-day, that could speak of my basket full of emotions. I have a wonderful collection of Willow Tree Angels, each one gifted to me by either dear friends, my daughters, or my hubby. I decided to take a quick snap...and then my breath was taken away. What appeared to me on my screen was this image. The juxtaposition of the little girl angel sitting holding the cat, to the young girl holding flowers, to the mother hugging her daughter.... to all three of their reflections on the glass, somehow representing in one image childhood to adulthood......and then letting go and letting God. Grace. Thank you, Jesus, for sharing this image with me today. It is exactly what I needed.

PS - I did not arrange the angels into this scene. They were put here quickly by my hubby when the winter's cold condensation needed wiping off of the windows. --- PSS - I also decided today that I am going to try my best and capture more moments in my day-to-day. I know how nurturing this practice is for me. With all of life since 2018, I have forgotten to embrace (or haven't made it a priority) the wonder and the magic of moments like today. To think, if I wouldn't have picked up my camera and just continued on my to-do list, I would have missed this moment. One, I know was a gift.


Apr 13, 2022


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Apr 13, 2022
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Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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