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Embracing Beauty Fall Challenge Mid-Week, Week One

Good Morning.

Today's email is on the art of photography with a fun little assignment.

Also, I'm hosting another FB Live on Friday, (more on that below). Hopefully, this time I will make the video straight and not sideways.

#happiness #magicallight Photography Tip Number One Photography is Art

Maybe it's just me, but I feel as if there is this unspoken and maybe unrealized space between the art world of paintbrushes and mediums to that of cameras, lenses, and camera settings. In some ways, it feels as if photography is thought of as an easy art form. If you think about it, almost everyone has a camera on their person at all times. Not true with paintbrushes. Imagine a world where this was also the case! Both art forms require you to see, think, and feel in new ways. That you live new experiences and keep filling that cup of life with beauty and expression. Yes, this is pretty easy with a camera. However, just as it takes practice and many attempts to get a painting to the point of being finished on a canvas… it also takes many hours of practice and steps to learn how to make your camera capture and express that which you see and want others to see.

#nature #lateautumnleaves #lateautumnberries #centerfocalpoint Embrace your photography as an art form.

Play with it. Learn from it. Allow it to fill your life with a tapestry of beauty that only you can create. Just as in any art form, there is learning, there is the ugly art stage, and there is pushing through to a point where you are happy with what you've created.

This is one of the biggest reasons I created this challenge. So we could have fun, play, and learn. Give yourself permission to try new things and to see things in new ways.

When you photograph something today, try taking five different photos of the same subject. Move your body and the camera to different angles and perspectives. Allow for varying light and see how that looks and feels. If you'd like, share them in the group.

#sameimage-differentfocalpoint #differentfeeling Join Me LIVE on Friday! Facebook LIVE Friday, October 13th, 12:30 pm Central.

I'm making a very simple journal that is rooted in the various ways to embrace and experience the beauty in your world through photography, art, and beautiful, soulful words.

I will share supplies in the live. This way you are able to make any changes that best suit your own ideas from what I share. :)


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