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My "Embracing Beauty" Handmade Leather Journal - Deckled Edge Watercolor Paper - Swoon!

My Embracing Beauty Handmade Leather Journal is like a hug to hold all of the beauty and creativity God shares. In collaboration with my dear friend and fellow artist Jeanie Dickinson, I have a beautiful offering for you this Holiday Season.

About the Journal

Jeanie created the leather journal and engraved the wording Embracing Beauty on the cover for me. I then sourced beautiful handmade virgin cotton deckled edge watercolor/mixed media (150 GSM) in white. Watercolors, pastels, and gel pens love this paper.

It is my joy and honor to share such a beautiful journal created with you in mind. The page sizes are perfect for holding your photographs, art, and soulful words. It is known as a Traveler's Notebook style allowing you to choose or create your own inserts or signatures to suit your needs. This way you're able to use the same journal for years to come, just change out your inserts or add new paper.

Your order includes two unbound signatures totaling fifteen pieces of paper which equates to 60 journal pages. This way, you may incorporate other papers into your signatures. You may also use them just as they are. Loose paper allows you to pull them out and create in whatever way you'd like. Can we say image transfers, acrylics, full-page spreads, or whatever your heart desires?!

Size Insert sizes measure approximately 7.5" H x 5.75" W.

Unfolded papers measure approximately 7.5" H X 11.5" W.

The finished size of the journal when closed measures approximately 7.75" H x 6" W.

Options Black Leather with White Deckled Edge Watercolor Paper (150gsm) Brown Leather with White Deckled Edge Watercolor Paper (150gsm) Brown Leather with Vintage Deckled Edge Watercolor Paper (150gsm)

Beauty Bonus Inside In addition, I've added two vellum envelopes for visual pockets of inspiration as well as four pages of tissue paper. I LOVE vellum and there is something so beautiful and inspiring when your images and art are delicately revealed through the vellum or tissue paper; inviting creativity and journaling. The tissue paper makes a great barrier between pages if you need that or they are awesome to journal on too, especially with a white pen. Note The paper is not intended for use with fine nib calligraphy pens. The paper has a good amount of tooth, therefore do take care in what pens and markers you use on the page. You could still use your calligraphy pens within the journal, just add your own paper.


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