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Welcome to Journal Wallpaper

I've rediscovered my love for writing. I spent a few years somewhat recoiled by all things life; sometimes the words are hard to find in the midst of the storms. One thing I always go back to... where I find a deeper connection or a better understanding of myself, of living this one precious life well, of understanding matters of faith and Who's I am... it is pouring words out onto the page. This practice frees the mind up of a little bandwidth and causes me to get out of my head.

We look for titles all of the time; it's how we make sense of our world, people, and places. In all honesty, not one of us is defined by just one title. Thank God! For me, as far as how I want to show up in the world and share parts of my story to help you fully embrace yours, I need to not try and stuff myself into a lane that isn't fully my own. I think as creatives we all do this to a point, until we don't. Eventually, what makes us come alive and excited to get out of bed in the morning and create will find its way to us. It's been right in front of me all along... I am a photographer, an artist, and a writer. In order to feel fully alive and to honor the various parts of my creativity in genuine and authentic ways I need to allow all three access to my soul.

One of the ways I've embraced my love for writing is by adding 'wallpaper' to my journals. I have thousands if not tens of thousands of photographs on hard drives. As with any art form, there are the images that are just gorgeous and there are the images that I took along the way before I found that amazing shot. They deserve to be shared as well...put out into the world to inspire, to hold meaningful and beautiful words, prayers, and creativity. I'm super excited to share with you my Journal Wallpaper. Here are some of the ways you can use the images:

Adhere them in your journal before or after writing on them Use them as special pages to hold your prayers, praise, beautiful words, scripture, and quotes. Use different color inks such as white or gel pens.

They are excellent for collage and journal fodder. Use them to decorate part of your page and add other elements to the pages as well such as your own photographs, stickers, dried flowers, or other embellishments. They would make for some pretty junk journals. There is a facet of journaling called junk journaling (just in case you're new to all things journaling). I personally have a hard time calling it that, but I get where the term came from. It's when you take various forms of paper media and repurpose them. Things such as junk mail, cereal boxes, old books, lace, fabric, etc. You then add your own creativity to the journal. Most of the time the creations are just beautiful! They are made from junk or items that could be pitched and are given a new life through creativity.

Use them as backgrounds for scrapbooking. I know not too many people actually scrapbook anymore with the digital world being what it is today. However, if you're one of those old souls (term of endearment) that love to create books and add your memories and photographs to the pages, my journal wallpaper will add a special touch of beauty.

Most of all, enjoy, have fun and let the words and prayers flow!


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